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IT Industry Impact on Valuation

Category : individual

Date : 10-02-2023 , 10:30:00

Speaker Name : Mr. Vinod Shinde

Address : Corporate Office IIV India Registered Valuers Foundation™ Office No 41 & 43, 3rd Floor, "Manisha Blitz" Building, Shankar Math, Pune-Solapur Road, Hadapsar, Pune- 411013(MS) India.

The goods and services we buy are composed of inputs from various countries around the world. However, the flows of goods and services within these global production chains are not always reflected in conventional measures of international trade. The development of Trade in Value-Added (TiVA) addresses this issue by considering the value added by each country in the production of goods and services that are consumed worldwide. TiVA indicators are designed to better inform policy makers by providing new insights into the commercial relations between nations.

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